Time for a change.

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The existing material and links on this page will remain in place for the time being.

Here is a selection of my music projects.  Except where noted, I made all this noise.
Listening Device now available nearly everywhere
Allerian's Listening Device album is now available for purchase from Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes


Reviews ahoy!
Here are a couple of the entertaining reviews that the album has garnered:

- Ambient noise to tickle the brainbuds
"Allerian's debut record is not your standard listening. There is no beat, or melody to speak of. You will not be tapping your toes, but you might just be pleased anyway.   There are a lot of 'noise' albums out there, but this one manages to feel unique, and tastefully done. I find it particularly good for having on while at work.  There isn't much more I can say about 'Listening Device'. You just have to hear it for yourself.  Nomad"

- ECReview of Listening Device: "This doesn't become one with the room, it takes over the room. You can wander around for hours inside this . It's enormous! Electronic sounds in constant motion characterize each track on the album and Allerian has a nifty little knack of utilizing sounds that are always unusual enough to keep you engaged whilst new ones fly at you from every possible angle.  I'd have loved to see the addition of some more organic sounds into the mix but that's a very small complaint and this is a very big album."

Allerian appears on remixed !distain CD
They're at it again with a remix CD of the track Mandragore.  This CD includes a the brutal bare guitar track I did.  Yikes!
Allerian appears on !distain CD
The new two-cd set, "Raise the Level" from the German duo !distain features my studio guitar work on track 4, 'Mandragore" and track 10, "Inquisition" with great vocals by Sara Noxx.

More Music:

To Crickets
Why does it change?  The sounds of the backyard blended into and contrasted against an inner dialogue.   Field recording, Monomachine, Nord Wave. 

Written in memory of Daniel Hansson, co-founder of Elektron.

Another Listener
This is another progression towards the Listening Device sound using the Monomachine.

Al Hirt vs UW
An interesting retake on the sound of Jazz trumpeter Al Hirt.  I've spun the vinyl into the Machinedrum's sampler and found unexpected treasure.

M-Resonator Demo
Forgot that I'd made this.  Recorded live after the first 20 minutes of using the Jomox M-Resonator analog filter on the output of the Machinedrum.  Turns out it's pretty fun to listen to me explore new territory.

Taken up as part of a recent discussion of Elektron hardware.  A live jam with only Monomachine and Machinedrum created to show what can be done quickly.  Some cool MD RAM Machine tweaking in here.

October from November
Created as part of the ongoing Monthly Mission project.  This track consists of a sample from my Halloween Micron track, loaded into the Machinedrum UW and twisted in several different ways. Then it all ran into the Monomachine for fx treatment and overdrive. Whole thing live in one go.

One Runner
An interesting endless patch created with the Monomachine

Monomachine Overdrive 
This is a sound I've been working up on the Elektron Monomachine.  Beat box?  I'm not so sure.  Be aware of your volume setting before playing.

From Above 
Any answer you receive is yours alone. 
Important listener note: The distortion and transient noises you hear on this track are intentional.  It has been carefully processed and limited to be Certified 100% Non-Clipping and USDA Grade A Speaker Safe for your acoustic pleasure.

In Case of Emergency
Take your pills, it's going to be a long ride.  This is an evolving texture that results in a total breakdown.  Good music for getting something done.   Rather noisy mix, but that's how life is.

Super Prancing Pony Princess Mark IV
Infinite destruction and chaos?  Not this time.

Control of the human mind
Created for
this Roil Noise collaboration.

Before its too late
Everything you know is wrong.

Solar Flare
One ship was too close when the flare erupted.  What were they hearing as they crossed over the edge? 

Pacifica featuring Sharmili. 
A guitar jam with an eastern feel.  The track is unique in that the guitar is completely processed through the Access Virus synthesizer. 
A special thanks to Neole Egen who made these original  vocals possible.

20 years from now 
What will our kids listen to in twenty years that we'll think is just noise?  Here's my take on what future music might sound like.

The Night (Strike of Twelve Mix)
A collaboration with Loreman.  After passing a few ideas back and forth, I reworked his great original track with a guitar track that turns it into a rocker about halfway through.

Third Process
Another exploration in Robotica.  Recorded live with a mic, so my dog appears in this track.  Again, the level of control in this circuit bent setup is just... wow.

Second Process
After building the Tilt Switch, I used it to come up with this song.  This could be described as the most controlled and musical live circuit bent performance I am aware of.

Halloween Micron Demo
Created for my friends at Harmony-Central to demo the new Alesis Micron synthesizer.

Chaos?  Reality?  You tell me.  Thanks go to Arik Burns who also played on this track.
This track was available on the Noise and Toys Compilation.

NVA in the wire
This oddity from 2004, my tribute to the Viet Cong guys in the game Battlefield: Vietnam  Not the best track, but I laughed so hard while making it that it's worth putting up.

Instant Heartbeat - Downtempo mix
A collaboration with
DJ RAM and Jenifer McLaren.  He sent me the basic tracks and asked me to write the guitar lines.  Over the next few weeks we traded tracks back and forth over the internet and he did the final mix.

Quiet Morning Snow

Written for the
Harmony-Central Monthly Mission project. 

Three ways there
An Irish jam kind of song that trades the theme around.  I'm sure this one will be revisited in the future.

Six minutes of early Tangerine Dream inspired synth goodness.

Inverted Sun
Spontaneous, unexpected, and performed in one take.  Do I like bandpass filtering?  Yes I do.

An unplanned single take recording.  It's a mellow, strange bit of keyboard playing.

Update:  Turns out this is from the group "Nechya" and is really called "Start it up".
  In this remix, I am responsible for the part that beings at 2:36 to the end.  Both the smooth rhythm and lead guitar part continue to surprise me.  If you like your dance music to rock, this is for you.

The story goes, I put together a remix of the Russian version of "All The Things She Said" at the very moment that Tatu was at their peak of popularity.  It was well received by the Tatu fan community and the file spread far and wide.  After a few months I was mailed a Cease and Desist order from  the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry ordering me to take this file down or face legal action.

Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb - Second Solo
This was the first recording that I really put time into.  I'm still very happy with how it sounds.  This project taught me how to practice.

The Hiring Fair
A Fairport Convention cover.  The very first thing I tried recording with a digital recorder.


Just found this one from the archives.  Played in 1999 by recording into a laptop microphone - noise galore, but back then it was just fun to record at all.

iPixelator final version complete.
Completed the mini Pixelator the iPad.  Enjoy it in action.

New Guitar Day
Arik and I rebuilt an old guitar into a new one using Carvin parts.

iPixelator prototype
This is the prototype for a mini Pixelator made especially for the iPad.  Here is the proof of concept video.

The loudest BoardWeevil
115db of good times.

The current setup

I've got my setup pretty dialed for this new album project.  Indications are good to have something completed in 2010?

Samurai Kitty
Not sure where this idea came from.  Started cutting cardboard and felt and ended up here.

A new look for the Machinedrum

Gave it a little custom touch - Many thanks to Styleflip.com

Art exhibit soundtrack

A track from the Listening Device album appeared as a film soundtrack in Milwaukee artist Dara Larson's exhibit, "City 2" at Alver
no College.  I hope to see more collaboration with Dara in the future.


Inspired during a game of "Don't Break the Ice", I used 12 sets of the game to create a 15x24 grid of cubes.  This was set into a custom hardwood frame.  When placed in front of a television set, the animated pixelation effect is mesmerizing.  Watch the video.

Ruggedized Composing Station
Been using the TDS Recon handhelds at work for a few months.  So I decided to try the Griff Pocket Studio demo on 'em.  Now I can write music from -22 to 140F, 1 meter underwater, covered in sand, vibrating, at 15,000ft. above sea level.

Custom Moog Voyager Table
Something beautiful deserves something beautiful to put it on.  Some months ago I asked a friend to build a table for my Voyager, nothing fancy. What I picked up today was an outstanding custom cherry table with the perfect playing height for sitting or standing and room underneath for feet.

Taking things apart - the Elektron TM-1
Rainy day boredom led me to grab a hex driver and take a look inside the new Elektron TM-1 Turbomidi unit.  Looks like an elegant and cost-effective design.

Long Exposure Time

Finally found a way to get a cool studio shot despite my lousy lighting.  Solution?  Turn all the lights off and use an eight-second exposure.

Circuit Bending
It's the best of everything - music, noise, electronics, soldering, the feeling of accomplishment.  Heck, if it had a little fire, recoil, and torque, bending would be the ultimate hobby.  Here are a few of my completed projects.

Here's another, this time Origami-style

Reaching deeper into that creative bucket.  For some reason I can't see one of these without being compelled to modify it.  This is number six.

Another fine Shapes N Things

Here's another copy of this fine bent instrument from my shop.  It features the full body contact control scheme.  This now has a new home in Alabama where the owner writes,
"Hi Robert - I'm enjoying my new toy to the fullest extent. I played it last Friday at a packed club. I of course ran it through an amp (LOUD) and freaked out the whole club in one fell swoop. I wish you could have seen the looks on the faces of the patrons; not to mention the band, which didn't know about it until it was too late! Some people thought the keyboards were blowing up, and a few people actually headed for the door, thinking there was an air raid or something, until they figured out what was going on. I'm happy to be a member of the circuit bent community. Thanks again, Kelly"

Updated SK-1

In this pic, the Tilt Controller for the patch bay is bent into an N shape for easy reach.  Finally changed over to a real Atari joystick, which offers very positive control.  I recently sold this setup to a very good home but I miss it.

Mini Bend

After holding on to this little audio irritant for the last year, I found a nice mod article over on GetLoFi.  Now it's more irritating than ever with its new variable pitch knob.  The exposed lugs also make a wonderful pitch-bending body contact.

Video Tape Necklace

Wearing a gold-plated VHS tape with an LCD around your neck may be the next big thing.  I am prepared.

Re-Bending can be worth it. 

This one wasn't satisfying me at all.  I wanted to give it as a gift but it wasn't functional enough so I hung on to it.  The other day a friend gave me a Hello Kitty pocket mirror and it became the perfect pitch control knob.  This inspired a little rewiring to make the body contacts work the way I had originally imagined.  Sound clip coming soon.

Shapes n Things Hot Rod Version

If you've visited before you'll recognize what toy I'm bending here.  This project was all about creating a unique, over the top finish.  Some 20 coats of wet sanded clearcoat give this instrument a great visual appeal.  Of course, the sounds are just downright wacky.  This one follows the organic control scheme of my original prototype.

Patch Bay Tilt Switch

After discovering this tiny plastic tilt switch, I couldn't resist building a patch bay controller with it.  It's a small (1cm) plastic box with a captured ball bearing and an internal cage of leads.  This is run down to seven rca jacks which can be positioned in any patch bay as needed.  Thanks to the strength of the heat shrink tubing, this whole thing stands straight up and can be wagged back and forth to trigger bends.  There is also a secret connection which can only be made by turning the tilt box upside-down.

The Gift of Noise

Built as a gift, this one was painted and given the usual treatment of heavy clear coat and pitch, capacitor, and body contact bending.

Golden Treasure

My ultimate version of this highly developed Noise Instrument.  Gold leaf finish, professional quality controls, and the culmination of tuned bending bring this toy to new heights. 

Vtech Family Shot

Enjoy this progression shot.  The leftmost one is controlled entirely with five body contacts and is a personal favorite.

Copper Box

This unit consists of two Voltage Controlled Oscillators with pitch control, pulse width control, and a blend control.  The copper plates as a body contact playing surface that controls the pulse width.  The plates are floated about 3/16" off the metal case and wired up with ribbon cable.  Very satisfying to realize my design goal so completely.

Hear it
Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05
Track 06

VTech Baby Toy

By far my most inspiring bend project yet.  This is my second go at this style of toy, so we let out all the stops and did a really nice finish.  My daughters came up with the idea and did all the painting.  I followed up with about 1-1/2 cans of clear and the mods.  This is a very playable noise instrument.

Hear it!
Clean with no effects
Through the pedalboard

Korg Poly-800

This board came to me broken from a life of use in various Milwaukee area bands.  Replaced the broken keys, rebuilt the battery box (exploded C cells, yuk!), painted it metal flake red, added about 200 flattened glass marbles, and did the "Moog Slayer" (a.k.a "Tweeter Eater")  mod to it.

Speak & Spell

Some kind of bender right of passage?  Perhaps.  I added a "super bright" LED to it as well as all the classic bends.  Recently, my youngest found a nice little crystal bear (not pictured) that fits right over the LED, adding a nice glow effect.

Playskool Keyboard

This little board has the best distortion I have ever heard from a toy and sounds just like an electric guitar.  Unfortunately, I put the distortion on a switch (rather than a button) which was left "on" to cook the amp on the keyboard side.  oops!

Casio SA-39

The board has the classic "glitch button" bend.  I also added a 100k trim pot to offer a little more control and fine tuning to the glitch.  An indefinable exercise in circuit bent music, the little synth came up this performance all by itself:  SA-39_Solo_01  Recorded live with a mic, there are points at which I am just trying to keep from laughing as the keyboard kept playing and changing spontaneously.

DSI "Kawasaki" Keyboard

We all gotta start somewhere, and this was my first bend.  I made every possible mistake on this project, but I learned a LOT and caught the bending bug.

Custom Guitar

I built this guitar around 1988.  24 frets, neck-through construction, hand-painted.
My Comfortably Numb cover was played on this guitar.

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